PJ102 temperature and humidity sensor

PJ102 temperature and humidity sensor

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The PJ102 module is a 29x17mm open-source, stand-alone, programmable temperature and humidity sensor based on HDC1080 and ATtiny85 with PJON over PJDL networking. It needs only 3 pins (PJDL, 9v, GND) to operate transmitting samples and receiving incoming configuration on the same PJON IO pin. PJ102 consumes around 0.162w when supplied with 9v.

 _______   _______   _______
|       | |       | |       |
| PJ102 | | PJ102 | | PJ102 |
|_______| |_______| |_______|
____|||_______|||_______|||______ SoftwareBitBang bus
_____||________||________||______ +9v
______|_________|_________|______ GND

Multiple PJ102s can be connected in parallel on the same SoftwareBitBang bus sharing the same power, ground and data connection. Each PJ102 is running an instance of the PJON protocol stack with its own configurable device id. Up to 255 PJ102s can communicate using the same wire. As demonstrated by the LANC video camera control academic study the maximum range of the protocol is 2000m over CAT5 in a real world networking setup.

PJ102 has been engineered with the strong feeling that in the future "smart homes" will not necessarily host an embedded real-time operative system in whatever "thing" and expose vulnerabilities out of their physical boundaries. Otherwise, more probably, they will host many less power-hungry microcontrollers connected to a wired communication bus.

For more detailed information, visit the GitHub Repository.


Please consider that PJ102 is an experimental evaluation kit not designed to be applied in production. It must be used only for research and testing purposes. Each PJ100 Limited Edition sensor is sold as is without any warranty and program. Yet you can find the suggested application examples at PJON GitHub Repository.